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dedolight Lightstream V-flector: variable reflector

Sep 5, 2023

dedolight introduces the V-flector which means variable; the surface can now be changed from completely flat to a bent shape and this allows the operator to control the spread angle in terms of width, be it horizontal or vertical.

What is unique about the V-flector, unlike every other reflector on the market, is that it is designed to bend. This has the effect of shaping the light coming from reflector to subject in a way that can be varied by moving the adjustable handle. Circular or elongated shapes, or anything in-between, can be easily created. Flip the reflector from horizontal to vertical for even more variations. Beautiful graduation on the edges, unusual and useful shapes can be created and manipulated extremely quickly.

The amount of spread created from the reflector can be adjusted by using the handle positioned to the side of the V-flector. This causes the reflector to bend. The result is a modifiable shape which can be set or adjusted to a circle or a much longer strip of light, with many other permutations possible.

The transition between the lit area and the shadow part can be modified by changing the distance between the light and the reflector and the focus position of the light, whether the light is equipped with the magic parallel beam adapter or not. Variations are possible. The use of several V-flectors, set up in a row, activated by different lights to create a continuous “River of Light” for movement of talent in parallel with the row of light without any change of exposure.

The V-flector is available in dedolight Lightstream reflectors number two or number three.

While each reflector in the dedolight Lightstream range is designed to create a spread of light according to the characteristics of the reflected surface, the V-flector creates a continuous, modifiable shape. As the name says – this is a variable reflector.

Watch the movie below for more about the V-flector and what this unique reflector is capable of:


vortex 4

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