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dedolight Eflect: expanded range with large sized surfaces tropical blue and tropical orange

Mar 18, 2024

dedolight effect – described as the ultimate background generator, now introduces new surface patterns: tropical blue and tropical orange.

All surfaces available for dedolight Eflect can be purchased in sizes up to 80x80cm; this allows, even with minimal power, to spread large effect patterns all around a large studio, from ceiling to floor.

Eflect is the combination of the 2 words: reflect and effect. The Eflect system works by directing light into different surfaces which , when reflected, form a myriad of patterns.

Available surfaces are made up of different sized mirrors including silver, gold, and zebra-pattern and also the new surfaces tropical blue and tropical orange.

Eflect is part of the dedolight Lightstream system – the most complete system in reflective light, including:

  • Infinity lighting for drama – for this dedolight offers the parabolic light P70 providing the illusion of sunlight from far away
  • dedolight Lightstream Lite – lightweight, portable, and the champion of ecology
  • dedolight Lightstream Table Top – for product shots, miniatures, and animation

The complete dedolight Lightstream system, including dedolight Eflect, is enhanced and supported by the magic dedolight parallel beam intensifiers – available for 50 focusing dedolights; these are used in combination with a range of reflectors specific to the dedolight Lightstream range.

dedolight Eflect and dedolight Lightstream need to be seen to be believed. Words are inadequate to describe what can be achieved with dedolight Eflect in combination with dedolight focussing lights, parallel beam intensifiers, and other products from the dedolight Lightstream range.

View movie below to see what dedolight Eflect and dedolight Lightstream is capable of:

dedolight Eflect: genius for image creators from Rick Young on Vimeo.

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