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Darius Khondji AFC ASC Masterclass hosted by Angenieux

Jun 8, 2022

Watch Darius Khondji’s masterclass given during the Cannes Film festival 2022 and hosted by Angenieux.

Journalist and author Jordan Mintzer, who wrote Conversations with Darius Khondji, moderated the free cinematography class attended and praised by international cinema industry professionals and students.

Masterclass Darius Khondji from FK Agency / Polyvalence on Vimeo.

Now on replay, you too can enjoy the insights of the revered ‘Master of Light’ and 2022 Pierre Angénieux Tribute laureate Darius Khondji. How does this director of photography nurture his talent and creativity? How does he approach a script visually? How does he choose the best cinema lenses for each new film project?

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