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CW Cine Catch-Up! Mari Yamamura and Gareth Ellis-Unwin on behalf of ScreenSkills

Mar 16, 2022

Chloe catches up with Mari Yamamura, cinematographer, DP and Film Forward participant, and Gareth Ellis-Unwin, head of film and animation at ScreenSkills.Thank you to George Barker, Event Producer who assisted on this interview.

Gareth is a BAFTA and Academy Award winning producer.

This interview covers the journey that both Mari and Gareth have had and where ScreenSkills can support people in industry and help progress their careers. Listen to Mari explain how ScreenSkills and Film Forward have helped her and find out how they can help others things such as bursary provisions, help and support, training, e-learning and financial incentives for productions to work with placements and people like Mari. If you are interested in getting into this sector, look to ScreenSkills for help and support.

ScreenSkills care about people and are there to help. Reach out to them and find out more

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