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CVP offers online lens coverage & camera comparison tool

Jan 29, 2022

With more choice than ever when it comes to lens options and sensor formats, how do you ensure you can achieve the right coverage without having to spend time physically putting a multitude of lenses on a variety of cameras?

CVP’s comprehensive web-based and easy-to-use, Lens Coverage & Camera Comparison Tool, offers a free visual representation of a lens’ coverage when paired with various sensor formats, giving filmmakers a first indication of the camera equipment and how it might suit their project.

The online resource was created in response to regular enquiries to CVP’s Technical Consultants around a variation of the question, “Will this lens work with that sensor?”.

The CVP team decided it would be useful to create a visual database as an initial guide to show how a particular lens would work with a particular camera – or to compare coverage of two different formats using the same lens.

The database is continually being developed and updated, and includes the latest from manufacturers such as ARRI, Sony, Red, Canon, Cooke Optics, Leitz, Angenieux and Zeiss, amongst others. The combinations presented are vast, with hundreds of thousands of available variations; for every focal length, the tool can illustrate coverage at either wide-open or stopped-down, both at close focus or at infinity. Users are encouraged to engage with CVP via the comments section to request additions to the programme, and it is always recommended to shoot proper tests to look at the full range of camera and lens characteristics.

The Lens Coverage & Camera Comparison Tool allows users to carry out the following functions in a visual format: checking whether a lens covers a sensor format; comparing field-of-view for a lens on a given sensor format; comparison of sensor data; accessing lens data; and seeing how to match B-camera to A-camera.

View and use the Lens Coverage and Camera Comparison Tool at:


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