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CVP hosts European Lens Summit

May 10, 2023

CVP is hosting the inaugural European Lens Summit at its newly refurbished Brentford facility. Dedicated to the science and art of lenses, this unique event features thought-provoking discussion, highly technical workshops, masterclasses and clinics – a must-attend for anyone that loves glass!

Seminars, Talks And Workshops

The two day summit will deliver a series of thought-provoking discussions, highly technical workshops, masterclasses and clinics on the capabilities and science of glass.

Cine Optics, Yesterday, Today And Tomorrow


Follow the journey of cine optical evolution with Jay Holben, ASC Associate member, chair of the ASC Motion Imaging Technology Council’s Lens Committee, contributing technical editor for American Cinematographer Magazine and co-author of The Cine Lens Manual as he leads you on the path that lenses have taken over the past 140 years of motion pictures to today’s hot trends and what may be coming in the future. Gain a better understanding of the differences in modern vs. vintage lenses, why they have evolved as they have, and how to have a better insight into choosing optics for your next project.

Methods And Principles Of Optical Diffusion


Learn about the history and principles of optical diffusion methods for cinematography during this in-depth discussion which will take you from inception to modern techniques with a variety of brands and types of diffusion filters.

Anamorphic Optics: History, Theory, Aberrations And Examples And How It Relates To Today’s Cinematography Landscape


This talk, geared towards rental houses and DPs, will cover a short history of anamorphic lenses and anamorphic squeeze ratios, and then discuss differences in how focus design styles have evolved. We will also discuss how to QC Anamorphic lenses properly on camera or projector and identify different issues and problems which arise during rental and use. The talk / workshop will also survey different vintage and modern anamorphic lenses showcasing optical differences and visual cues to help users better understand marketplace options available.

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