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CVP hosts Canon in Motion month

Jun 14, 2022

 Exclusive seminars, demos and promotions celebrate the creativity, passion and knowledge of Canon’s users –

CVP, one of Europe’s leading production solutions providers, is hosting a selection of events throughout the month of June, celebrating Canon cameras and their users. Under the headline Canon in Motion, CVP has curated a series of online and in person seminars, demos and workshops exploring the Canon ecosystem. In conjunction, CVP is offering a selection of deals – including an exclusive of 0% finance on Canon’s C70 camera.

The following events are scheduled for the Canon in Motion week:

·  Mehida Mehtal discusses what to consider when choosing your camera system

·  Elisa Iannacone shares her experience of how to capture narrative during humanitarian crisis and conflict

·  Joladé Olusanya explores the process of multimedia storytelling

·  Ollie Kenchington showcases the journey from capture to post using the EOS system

Canon in Motion has been designed to appeal to a wide range of creators, from those starting out to seasoned professionals. The month will feature a range of great offers, product demonstrations and seminars all designed to bring your cinematography to the next level.

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