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CVP/ARRI Creative Space reopens with a new look and new gear

Sep 8, 2021

CVP has unveiled a new look-and-feel for its CVP/ARRI Creative Space, situated on Charlotte Street, in London’s Fitzrovia district. Following the reopening of Newman House earlier in the summer, both of CVP’s Fitzrovia showrooms are now back in full operation, with a refreshed look and dedicated areas allowing visitors to home-in precisely on their interests, as well acting as a hub for industry training, events, meetings, hot-desking and screenings.

Creative Space was launched in 2018 as collaboration between CVP and ARRI. Aimed at showcasing kit and encouraging creativity in a relaxed, modern and knowledgeable environment, the space is filled with the latest state-of-the-art technology from ARRI.

New-in is Hi-5, ARRI’s fifth generation ECS hand unit, providing wireless control of cameras and lenses, after nearly a decade of the ARRI WCU-4 dominating the market for electronic lens control systems. With a new and brighter display, Hi-5 comes weather-ready, operating in temperatures ranging from -20°C to +50°C. Additionally, its ability to adapt to new frequencies will help boost the need to be flexible on-set and on location.

“The CVP/ARRI Creative Space offers a unique destination right in the heart of London for the industry to gather, discover what is new and connect their creative vision with technology in a highly-personalised and engaging manner,” commented Aaron George, CVP Creative Space director. “We are curating a busy events agenda and continue to add new meet-ups and gatherings, with the vision of giving something back to the industry in the form of a dynamic and engaging space for our visitors to network and learn more about the latest technology developments in the cinematographic field.”

The Creative Space is open to anyone wanting to test drive the latest ARRI solutions or to book a slot to use the facility as a Central London workspace.


ARRI Hi-5 Hands on Demo with CVP

Get hands on with ARRI’s latest Hi-5 Hand Unit in this early access demo event which is led by CVP Technical Consultants.

Available dates:

  • September 8th 09.30/11.30/14.00
  • September 9th 09.30/11.30/14.00
  • September 10th 09.30/11.30/14.00
  • September 13th 09.30/11.30/14.00
  • September 14th 09.30/11.30/14.00
  • September 16th 09.30/11.30/14.00
  • September 17th 09.30/11.30/14.00


Getting the best from the ARRI Hi-5 with Jim McLean

Jim shares practical onset experience and enables you to get hands on and discuss how to get the most from the ARRI Hi-5 wireless compact unit

Available dates:

  • September 22nd 14.00
  • September 23rd 10.00/14.00
  • September 24th 10.00/14.00

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