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Creative Vision Finance launches CVF Hub

Apr 11, 2022

Creative Vision Finance (CVF), the innovative Media and Entertainment asset financing company that offers a fresh approach to lending, has announced the launch of the CVF Hub, a new portal that allows customers to control their finances in a more dynamic way.

The launch of the CVF Hub, presents a new and easy way for customers to access their latest invoices, credit notes or payment reminders, as well as facilitates the request of any changes to documents and check the status of the latest contractual information. CVF Hub acknowledges the buzzing operation of a day to day in the TV and film, broadcast, and production sectors, offering instant access to all financial information from a laptop, tablet or smartphone, available 24/7, whilst guaranteeing secure access to all confidential data at all times.

“At the core of our work lies the mission to make finance accessible and easy for all. It is for this reason that we are proud to be introducing CVF Hub, as a dynamic portal to transform our customers’ approach to finance,” comments CVF director, Rebecca Price. “Finance isn’t core to our clients’ day to day work so often gets handled out of hours, the CVF Hub facilitates the on-demand nature of the way we all live today”.

Offering a range of leasing deals, refinancing, and commercial loans, as well as bespoke arrangements, CVF’s purpose is to lower the barriers to specialist media finance in the UK and across the European market and adapt to the fast-paced, always moving dynamic of the media and entertainment sectors. The introduction of a dedicated online portal which shows the latest updates on agreements and allows customers to digitally sign and manage their accounts is just one of the many tools the company is adopting to empower its customers.



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