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Creative Solutions and Made in Her Image Fireside Chat series: Getting the job as a DP

Aug 8, 2023

Made In Her Image (MIHI) and Creative Solutions Los Angeles (Teradek, SmallHD, Wooden Camera) combine forces to offer insights from established cinematographers and advice on navigating the industry through Fireside Chats.

An integral component of the “You Deserve the World!” campaign, the Fireside Chat Series, along with workshops and discussions, is aimed at uplifting young women and non-binary individuals of colour, to pursue careers in the film and media industry. The goal is to empower young filmmakers by offering practical advice on topics such as securing jobs as a director of photography, mastering the art of pitching, and navigating legal considerations in the film industry. The series will include dynamic networking events and discussions that explore topics such as equity, representation, and empowerment within the film and media industry. The sessions will provide a unique platform for individuals to connect with seasoned professionals, exchange ideas, and expand their networks in a supportive and inclusive environment. Presentations include Amplifying Underrepresented Voices: The Power of Inclusive Storytelling, Equitable Opportunities: Navigating Challenges and Advancing in Cinematography, and Breaking Barriers: Building a More Inclusive and Diverse Cinematography Industry.

Ashley Versher

Fireside Chats will be hosted by actor & filmmaker Ashley Versher. Panelists include talented individuals whose contributions to cinematography embody the spirit of intentional, equitable storytelling, including Fiorella Occhipinti, Bri Monet, Alyse Kane Riley, Michelle Clementine, Alex Van Putten, and more.

“We invite you to join us on this remarkable journey as we bring the power of storytelling, inclusivity, and community to the forefront of the film and media landscape,” says MIHI’s founder, Malakai. “Together, we will champion new voices and foster a more inclusive industry for all. Get ready to be inspired, empowered, and connected through a collaboration that dares to break barriers and reshape the narrative.”

The kickoff event, Getting the Job as a DP, is scheduled for August 18, 2023, and will take place live at Creative Solutions in Burbank, California. Experienced producers will provide valuable insights and guidance on how to secure jobs as a director of photography including skills, strategies, and networking opportunities that can help folks stand out in a competitive industry. This includes practical advice on building a strong portfolio, developing relationships with directors, and showcasing an individual’s unique vision.

Tickets are available for Eventbrite. Optional donations go toward supporting MIHI’s mission and developing programs and initiatives to elevate the next generation of film pioneers.

Made in Her Image is honoured to announce that CSLA is their first fundraising sponsor for the You Deserve the World campaign. Chloe Hodges, Creative Solutions head of community relations, adds, “CSLA has chosen to support MIHI because we believe that these Fireside Chats will provide a unique platform for individuals to connect with seasoned professionals, exchange ideas, and expand their networks in a supportive environment. We hope that our enthusiasm will encourage others to pledge their support to this outstanding effort.”

For more information about CSLA offerings and MIHI programming, visit these websites:

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