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Creamsource announces Flashbandit for Vortex

Feb 28, 2023

The Flashbandit is the ultimate solution for synchronising and trigger Creamsource lights with a wide range of sources – The Flashbandit allows you to trigger your Creamsource lights from a variety of sources, including a video signal, external sync generators, and cameras.

Whether you’re a gaffer, board op or SFX tech, the Flashbandit is an essential tool for achieving advanced lighting effects without banding or frame tearing.

The Flashbandit connects directly to the accessory port of your Creamsource light.

Directly compatible with:

• Micro Bender

• Micro Colour

• Vortex4

• Vortex8

• SpaceX

Use original Flash Bandit (CS-SYNC) for direct compatibility with:

• Doppio

• Mini

• Sky

litegear spectrum os2

vortex 4

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