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Creamsource annnounces major firmware update for Vortex8

Jan 11, 2022

CreamOS 1.2.0 introduces the all-new FrameSync function which enables creative effects for directors, DPs and gaffers 

Creamsource, developers of artisan-quality cinema lighting for more than 15 years, today announced the immediate availability of CreamOS 1.2.0, an expansive firmware update for its flagship Vortex8 650W high-power 2’x1’ LED fixture. In addition to several improvements for usability, stability, and performance including sACN: DMX control over ethernet, this firmware release introduces FrameSync, an innovation that enables enhanced effects and creative applications.  

With FrameSync, the Vortex8 can be triggered from an external source, such as a sync generator (e.g. Ambient Lockit ACN-CL), or the genlock output of a cinema camera, to ensure that it is synchronised with the camera shutter. This is especially useful when using effects such as strobe, where a lack of synchronisation between the camera and the lights can cause issues like frame tearing and flash banding. This feature alleviates the problem that most digital CMOS cameras can have with any flashing or strobing light source. It can also be used for frame-accurate strobing for advanced special effects, for frame rates up to 5,000fps.

Shoot Multiple, Differently-Lit Scenes at Once for Dramatic Creative Effects

Using FrameSync, users can set up a group of synchronised lights, an individual light, or a sub-group of lights, and can run a sequence of pre-programmed changes. For example, a light to the left of the talent can be set to red for every second frame, and a light to the right of the talent can be set to blue for every other frame. With CreamOS 1.2.0, there is effectively no limit to the number of fixtures that can be synchronised at the same time.

What this means in practice is that if you shoot at a higher than normal frame rate and then edit for a lower frame rate, there will be spare frames in the sequence. You could, for example, drop all the blue frames and the scene would look red. Drop the red ones and it would look blue. So for exactly the same scene, you can shoot two versions: a red one and a blue one – but at the same time. Then, you can use the two creatively – even blending multiple individual framestreams in post production. Because it’s all created in-camera, the colours are rich and fully-saturated. 

FrameSync on Vortex8 has the most creative latitude when paired with a high speed camera such as the Phantom Flex 4K. With more frames, there are more options and combinations possible for creative lighting effects. Creamsource says that while their patent pending technology is already extremely useful in its current rendition, there’s a lot more coming in terms of expanded tools and functionality in the future on their FrameSync Platform.

What’s New in CreamOS 1.2.0 

Current customers can get the latest Vortex8 firmware immediately. Firmware and download instructions are available at 

  • FrameSync: Sync framework implemented for effects Dual Level, Flash Frames and Sync Flash; Sync the Vortex to the camera’s shutter for specialised lighting effects that are frame accurate up to 5,000fps. Safely use any effects mode without frame tearing.
  • User Presets for Effects and Colour Mode: Store, restore and clear up to 50 user presets. Ideal for creating custom presets and shortcuts.
  • DMX over Ethernet: Simplify DMX distribution with Streaming ACN (sACN) support, which allows for hundreds of DMX universes over a single ethernet cable.
  • And much more… 

For a complete list of updates and improvements found in CreamOS 1.2.0, please visit 

About the Vortex8 

The Vortex8 is a 650W high power 2’x1’ RGBW LED panel with CCT ranging from 2200K to 15000K and is the flagship first product in the Creamsource Vortex lighting series. The Vortex8 panel design effortlessly goes from punchy to soft light, allowing users to bring the fixture closer to the subject without the loss of space. Built with durability and elegance in mind, the Vortex8 features world-class engineering, combining diverse production methods from precision-machined extrusions and high-strength die casting to leading-edge technopolymer components and aerospace-grade sealing technologies. The result is an IP65-rated water-resistant fixture that has eliminated external power supplies to simplify rigging and cabling. The absence of traditional external antennas in favour of an all-new internal design limits loss or breakage for gaffers and rental houses alike, improving uptime and rental yield.

With outstanding connectivity and extensive expandable wireless options, Vortex8 ships with LumenRadio built-in and supports Ethernet, Bluetooth, TimoTwo, 5 Pin DMX, Wifi, USB type-A and Creamsource Accessory port. Its narrow source is concentrated with a precision lens array natively providing a 20° beam angle. This yields a blistering 13,900lux at 3m/9ft in 5600K and a dollar per watt ratio of $7.69 per watt making it a high value, extremely versatile lighting system.  

Industry-Unique Five Year Registered Warranty

To demonstrate their commitment to customer satisfaction, Creamsource offers an extended five-year registered warranty on all fixtures including the all-new Vortex8. Customers need only to register their products within six months of purchase and Creamsource will be in touch to approve the extended warranty. 

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