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Cooke sponsors cinematographers’ lounge at CineGear New York

Mar 9, 2023

Cooke will sponsor the Cooke Cinematographers’ Lounge at CineGear NY, in partnership with Sony and Lux Lighting, located at AbelCine NY (Building 4)

Visit to experience the new Varotal/i FF 19-40mm wide zoom lens, which joins the 30-95mm medium and 85-215mm long zooms to complete the Varotal/i series providing broad focal length coverage for the majority of production needs. All Varotal/i FF zooms deliver the famed Cooke Look, offering natural, flattering skin tone and character, enabling cinematographers to preserve their creative intent when switching between primes and zooms.

We will also show the state-of-the-art S8/i FF, our flagship prime lens series designed from the ground up for motion picture cameras. These lenses are capable of achieving the highest resolution yet, while their advanced, all-spherical design produces an evolution of the iconic Cooke Look and a beautiful bokeh.


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