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Cirro Light introduces new Dedolight Eflect models

Jun 14, 2024

dedolight Eflect: new sizes and surfaces

dedolight Eflect is providing tools which haven’t existed before. Two new surfaces have been released: Tropical Orange and Tropical Blue.

Tropical Orange generate stunning hues of blues, greens, turquoise and aqua. Users can bend the reflector to mix the hues and create a background which reminds us of the water variations at a white sand beach. This one is a cool result with a warm exterior!

Tropical Blue reflects amazing hues of oranges, yellow, auburn, and reds. Users can bend the reflector to mix the hues and create a background which reminds us of the comforts of a morning in autumn. This is a warm result with a cool exterior!

The 2-colour striped Zebra Eflect offers a simple and rapid solution for creating mesmerising lighting effects. Remarkably, the “Tropical Blue” surface yields stunning shades of oranges, auburn, and reds, while the “Tropical Orange” reflects hues of blues, aquas, and greens. This fusion of colours produces endlessly unique breakup patterns that dance vibrantly with colour.

Mega & Mini Sizes

New mega size (80×80 cm) versions allow for massive dappled lighting effects, while the tiniest mini size (7×10 cm) is perfect for small scale tabletop work.

The classic silver and gold reflectors now also have new blend styles, and of course new sizes.

Eflects in Motion

Discover our precision motorised tripod stud, specifically designed to meet your creative demands. With a variable rotation speed ranging from 0 to 5 RPM and the ability to rotate both clockwise and counter clockwise, this stud offers maximum flexibility and control.

These motors can be attached to small Eflects with shoe mount, or the larger ones with the Lightstream attachment via the Lightstream lock.

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