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Cineo Introduces ReFlex R15 Hard Light

Dec 11, 2020

Cineo’s innovative, high-output ReFlex R15 hard light, received a lot of attention when it was introduced at the 2020 BSC Expo.

Described by the company as, “a different class of production lighting tool that redefines high-output hard sources,” the ReFlex R15 harnesses several patented technologies to deliver over 90,000 lumens of colour-accurate digital lighting on less than 1,500 watts.

By providing variable CCT from 2700K to 6500K, and 70,000-hour operation between bulb replacements, Cineo says it can outperform both Tungsten and HMI sources, eliminating the deficiencies of traditional sources.

Key features include: 0-100% colour-stable dimming; on-board DMX and network control; no hot re-strike delays, and no hot surfaces – the bulb can be touched at 100% power; instant response for dynamic lighting effects; and flicker-free operation to 10,000fps. The ReFlex R15 also operates without a ballast on household circuits.

Spot-to-flood adjustment from 15 to 75-degrees is accomplished electronically, making it remotely and instantly adjustable. The R15 creates a single high-quality shadow at any beam angle, with a flat exposure level across the beam. Additionally, the new Beam Shape and BeamK tools open a realm of possibilities impossible with traditional sources.

Cineo has completely re-designed the control strategy for the R15, making it as easy to use as a smart phone. A full complement of remote control protocols are supported including DMX/RDM and CRMX wireless, with sACN, ArtNet and network remote control soon available.

The weather-resistant package weighs 75lbs and can be fitted with a variety of soft accessories, including Snapbags, lanterns and spacelight bags.

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