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CINE GEAR 2021- Technical Award Winners

Nov 3, 2021

The 2021 Cine Gear Expo team of judges is pleased to recognise and honour these diverse recipients with this year’s Cine Gear Expo’s Technical Awards

Camera Technology: Optics

Winner: Atlas for The Orion Series 25mm anamorphic prime lens

Camera Technology: Accessories

Winner: Mo-Sys Engineering for the Cinematic XR Focus

Designer/Inventor: James Uren

Support Technology

Winner: Filmotechnic for the Technoscope F17 and F27

Designer/Inventor: Anatoly Kokush

Honourable Mention: Cinema Devices for the ZeeGee

Inventor: Charles Papert

Designer: Adam Teichman

Lighting Technology

Winner: Fiilex for the Q10 Color

Post Production Technology

Winner: OWC for the Jellyfish


Winners: Wave Central for the CineVue

Luminys System Corp for the Luminayre

vortex lighting

vortex 4

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