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Chroma-Q carbon neutral testing with Green Voltage

Apr 7, 2021

LED lighting company Chroma-Q has been pre-production testing zero emission lighting fixtures, including its Brute Force LED Wendylight alternative, in collaboration with generator manufacturer Green Voltage

Green Voltage director and dimmerboard operator, Adam Baker, together with a small crew, recently combined a selection of Brute Force lampheads with Green Voltage’s 5kW VOLTstack E-Gen remote power systems. Deceptive in both form factor and output, the Brute Force draws just 15amps at 240V making it suitable for use with the Green Voltage power units.

With the Brute Force running at full power, the generators provided over 2.5hours of operation. The fully-dimmable LED fixture, with its extended CCT range between 2,000K and 10,000K, also underwent additional testing at various colour temperatures and intensities, resulting in even greater operating times.

Baker, whose credits include Wonder Woman 1984 and No Time To Die, said, “I’ve worked with the Brute Force on a number of occasions, so am well aware of their abilities. The convenience of running the fixtures in combination with a Green Voltage power source adds an even greater degree of versatility.”

The Green Voltage VOLTstacks, which are silent in operation, are available in 2kW and 5kW sizes, with higher output additions to the range due in the second quarter of 2021. During testing, the ability to series-link the generator units provided the opportunity to carry out extended runs, allowing the team to properly assess the performance of the configuration in a real world set-up.

“Both the VOLTstacks and the Brute Force units delivered strong results,” added Baker. “Zero emissions and totally silent operation, with absolutely no compromise in the quality of the light output, is exactly what we are looking for.”


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