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Chimera introduces rotational stops for ARRI Orbiter Speed Rings

Mar 19, 2021

The QLM mount on the ARRI Orbiter allows for easy mounting of optical accessories to the fixture. Chimera’s uses its familiar outer metal Speed Rings, combined with a specially designed inner ring retained by socket head screws and washers, which is then attached to the QLM mount. When assembled, the socket head screws are tightened to prevent rotation. A hex key is included with each Speed Ring to allow the user to adjust tightness and allow rotation of the inner ring.

When the socket head screws are loosened, rotation can be easy and some users have observed that it becomes more difficult to detach the QLM from the fixture due to the continuous rotation of the ring. As a result, Chimera has developed a parts kit to limit rotation.

Product Revision
From 03/19/21 forward, Orbiter Speed Rings will be shipped from Chimera’s factory with rotation stops installed, that prevent inner ring rotation more than 270 degrees.

If you currently own any of the Orbiter Speed Rings, the installation of the rotation stops is optional, but kits will be provided free of charge to any user who requests them. These kits consist of two stop brackets, a hex key and necessary screws for installation. Rotational stop kits can be requested at:

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