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Celebrate cinematographer Sven Nykvist’s 100th Anniversary

Nov 4, 2021

1922 was the year of Sven Nykvist’s birth.

As a homage to the legendary cinematographer Sven Nykvist, the Swedish Society of Cinematographers (FSF) would like to invite people and crews (cinematographers, ACs, operators, gaffers, directors, producers, actors, etc) to send in testimonials on how and when they encountered Sven’s work and how his oeuvre has inspired and influenced their careers. 

We would appreciate it if the testimonial was in the Spirit of Sven – simple, tasteful, and efficient. Just use your iPhone, Android, or any digital camera to record and share your thoughts and memories. 

Perhaps when you’ve met or worked with Sven in person or a frame or sequence from a feature film that made an everlasting impression on you. 

Sven Nykvist

Preferably record in English and landscape mode. Try to keep it brief – we would like to include as many testimonials as possible.

Please e-mail or use an online transfer service (depending on size) to: before the end of this year.

To start with, the edited testimonials will be showcased on the Swedish Society of Cinematographers (FSF) website, at the Bergman Center and be screened during the Göteborg Film Festival.

We are eternally grateful for your contribution.

On behalf of the Swedish Society of Cinematographers (FSF),

Iga Mikler FSF & Alex Lindén FSF

FSF Co-Presidents
Proud Members of IMAGO

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