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Cameraman Jack Cardiff – ‘The Red Shoes’ 75th Anniversary in UK cinemas

Dec 20, 2023

To celebrate its 75th Anniversary The Red Shoes is back on the big screen across the UK in a stunningly restored version. The release is accompanied by the exhibition The Red Shoes: Beyond the Mirror at the BFI Southbank, London.

 This visually ravishing masterpiece was the third in a trio of astonishing films Jack Cardiff photographed in 3-Strip Technicolor for the cinematic powerhouse duo Powell & Pressburger, proceeded by A Matter Of Life And Death and Black Narcissus.

Be inspired and entertained by some of Jack’s most dazzling work; this is a fabulous opportunity to be bathed in colour. Please try and see The Red Shoes in the cinema and discover why it has influenced filmmakers and creatives for decades and continues to do so. 

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