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Brompton Technology announces Adam Callaway as global lead, virtual production & broadcast

Nov 28, 2023

Brompton Technology, a global leader in the manufacture of LED processors, proudly announces the promotion of long-serving team member, Adam Callaway, to the role of global lead, virtual production & broadcast. This strategic move follows the great year for the company filled with esteemed industry accolades such as Advanced Imaging Society’s Lumiere Entertainment Technology Award and the Television Academy’s Emmy Award for Outstanding Achievement in Engineering, Science & Technology. These accolades reflect Brompton’s continuous dedication to its customers and partners, as well as its forward-looking ethos, both of which aim to ensure the company not only keeps pace with industry trends but anticipates and shapes the future.

In his new capacity, Callaway, formerly technical solutions manager, will spearhead Brompton’s initiatives in the dynamic Virtual Production and Broadcast markets, helping to identify opportunities for the rest of the team and delivering even better support in these rapidly evolving domains.

“This new role reflects the heightened focus and support we are poised to provide to our Virtual Production and Broadcast customers and partners worldwide,” remarks Callaway. “As we continue to provide new and innovative solutions and platforms to both the Virtual Production and Broadcast markets, we are focused on placing the right people in the right places. By doing this, we are continuing to build a team that will drive the company’s surging growth and sustained momentum.”

Callaway, an advocate for technological evolution, expresses his excitement for the recent years’ developments in virtual production, foreseeing an exciting trajectory of innovation in LED usage, particularly in the application of RGBW technology for object-based lighting. “As we anticipate the arrival of new LED panels and other emerging technologies, there’s still untapped potential in this market, promising an exciting future,” he says.

Callaway also highlights a significant shift in the lifespan of LED screens, emphasising that while in the past they may have lasted for three or four years, contemporary screens can last close to a decade. “This underscores the need for a control system with enduring support and software updates to prevent rendering investments obsolete. Particularly in the fast-paced realm of live broadcasts, having 24/7 support from industry-savvy experts who know exactly what you’re talking about is a game-changer,” he notes.

The pivotal role of image quality, on-camera performance, and the paramount importance of reliability and longevity in LED technology means that Brompton products not only feature backward compatibility, alleviating concerns about compatibility with existing LED panels, but also ensure adaptability to future LED technologies. “With the unveiling of the Tessera G1, the industry’s most powerful receiver card, earlier this year, we have ambitious plans that will see us bringing other ground-breaking developments to the market, which will have a direct impact on both virtual production and broadcast realms,” Callaway reveals.


“Imagine watching a show that was filmed using real-world elements like people set against a virtual background. The screen may illuminate the foreground, which is why it’s so important to maintain realism, which means colour accuracy for both virtual background and foreground objects,” explains Callaway. “TrueLight offers advantages not only for in-camera effects but also for preserving realistic visuals, such as accurate colour renditioning on the skin to prevent unnatural tones. Considering the limited time available for post-production work on many shows, the use of the right tools and LED processing is crucial in portraying visuals that truly resonate with the audience.”

As Brompton gears up for the first public deployments of the Tessera G1 and TrueLight technology, Callaway eagerly anticipates the numerous possibilities on the horizon.

“Our strategic approach to Virtual Production and Broadcast is laser-focused,” he states. “My role is to actively pursue opportunities that will drive Brompton to new heights in these important markets by delivering the best possible solutions for our customers and partners.”

“Adam has been a part of the business for 8.5 years, initially joining our technical support team. Rising through the ranks to become Brompton’s number one troubleshooter, Adam assumed the role of Technical Solutions Manager where he became a critical link with pioneers in the virtual production world,” concludes Richard Mead, Brompton’s CEO.

“His transition to the newly created position of Global Lead, Virtual Production & Broadcast is a natural progression for Adam and for the business. With a history of fostering numerous successful relationships, he will be our primary link to Brompton’s diverse customer base in the film and television industry. We’re thrilled about Adam’s new role and all the possibilities it brings.”



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