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Become a ScreenSkills mentor

Jun 9, 2021

The ScreenSkills Mentoring Programme runs across all sectors of the screen industry and throughout the UK. It is aimed at new entrants, those who want to progress within or across the industry and those who want to return after a break.

We are always looking for mentors from across the screen industry to give six hours over six months to a mentee. Mentors need not be experts in their field, someone in the early stages of their career can mentor someone wishing to enter the screen industry.

Mentoring is a personal and professional development partnership in which someone shares their experience and knowledge with someone who wants to grow and progress: it’s a two-way confidential partnership of development, dialogue, learning and challenge. At this time, interactions should take the form of remote meetings over video call, phone call or email.

Do you…

  • Have relevant, current industry experience?
  • Want to cultivate and develop the future workforce?
  • Want to share knowledge?
  • Want to give back?
  • Want to improve your leadership and management skills?
  • Want to extend your network?
  • Want to develop your communication skills?
  • Want to boost your job satisfaction?

If you are interested in being part of the mentoring scheme as a mentor, we want to hear from you! Once you are matched you will be offered guidance and support to ensure you are able to give of your best, and get the best, from mentoring. We will also ask you to sign a mentoring agreement and we will share with you the code of conduct.

Take the next step

  • Give six hours over six months, divided as you like
  • Develop as a leader and manager
  • Meet remotely
  • Receive support and guidance
  • Understand what is involved by taking our ‘Mentoring for mentors’ online module

The mentee is expected to drive the partnership by organising meetings and preparing goals and questions. This is not about the mentor giving the mentee their next job or indeed unpaid work to do. It is about the mentee and their development and confidence in the workplace.

How to apply

As a mentor, you can apply at any time. To register to be a mentor, there are two simple steps:

1. Create a ScreenSkills profile. Please follow this link to do so.

2. Return to this page and click the ‘Sign-up to find a mentee’ button to complete a short form.

The application helps us find the right match for you, so the more information you can give us, the better.

The ScreenSkills Mentoring Programme seeks to support mentees from underrepresented groups and at different stages of their career, as well as tackling skills gaps as identified by BFI and ScreenSkills research. Matching will be done on what you tell us when you register, and what the mentee is looking for. This project runs to March 2022.

If you have any questions, please contact:

lightsource film

vortex 4

cinematography world

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