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Atomos Cloud Studio now live

Mar 27, 2023

Atomos Cloud Studio, a powerful suite of cloud-based video production services, is now available, offering a range of subscription-based tools for remote collaboration and live production.

The suite comprises Atomos Capture to Cloud, Atomos Stream and Atomos Live Production*, and leverages the Connect range of network enabled monitor-recorder devices: Atomos Connect for Ninja V and Ninja V+, and Shogun Connect. Zato Connect supports Atomos Capture to Cloud and Atomos Stream.

It’s an innovative approach that gives customers a compelling level of future proofing. Atomos camera-mounted devices can not only be updated, and feature enhanced in the field, they can also easily be integrated into remote and collaborative productions anywhere in the world.

“We see it as augmenting video production,” said Trevor Elbourne, CEO of Atomos. “Filmmakers and video content producers everywhere can access Atomos Cloud Studio to collaborate and share their work faster than ever before, create a polished live production or stream content to the platform of their choice directly from the camera.”

Basic camera to cloud functionality and 720P proxy quality is completely free, and more features can be added by purchasing a monthly subscription plan. For just $/€5 per month, up to 5 devices can be registered, all capable of uploading 1080P proxy files while recording, using Atomos’ progressive file transfer technology. Moving through the four subscription tiers allows more devices to be deployed, with greater control over the proxy quality, and extends into live production with ‘on-air’ time credits, which can be purchased as part of a monthly plan or topped up when demand dictates.

“Think of it as similar to a phone SIM tariff,” added Elbourne. “You choose a plan that best suits your needs, but if you find that you need more live production hours you can easily scale up or, for quieter periods, scale down. It’s cost-effective and completely flexible.”

Live Production is available to use in a fully featured BETA, allowing its many exciting new features to be explored. There are three types of live production show. A Basic show would be perfect for a live webcast with up to 4 locked-off cameras, streaming to a single social media platform, for example a single operator wanting to cut multicamera sources on YouTube Live. A Standard show incorporates more audio functionality, including intercom talkback, transitions and picture in picture, and would be ideally suited to a school sports event or concert.

The Advanced show brings all the features of Atomos Live Production into play for a truly polished output. The tools it provides include a fully featured 4-input video switcher, sound mixer, video transition effects, still graphics, animated graphics, tally lights when cameras are live, and a fully featured intercom system.

Source inputs can be a camera-mounted Ninja V or Ninja V+ fitted with an Atomos Connect module, or the all-in-one Shogun Connect. In addition, Atomos will also offer a Pro Camera iOS app, a powerful 4K video capture app for filmmakers that turns the Apple iPhone into an alternative live production source.

Program output can be routed to any popular social media platform, or RTMP/S destination, in addition to monitoring feeds sent to the Atomos Monitor Apple TV app.

By placing the technology in the cloud, Atomos has removed a significant barrier to entry and created a suite of applications that is accessible to any level of production. Leveraging cloud technology means that production teams can access these tools and collaborate from anywhere. The low latency technology makes the software responsive and the experience seamless.

Atomos Capture to Cloud offers direct integration with Adobe Camera to Cloud, powered by This is the gateway to a powerful, flexible and, most importantly, immediate way to share content from a camera with remote team members.

Online review and collaboration platforms have transformed the relationship between production and post-production by dramatically reducing the time it takes to get from one discipline to the other. By removing the need to manually offload cards during production, worry about secure back-ups, and wait for rushes to be reviewed, cloud workflows save time and bring creative teams closer. Capture to Cloud allows more cameras than ever before to be connected to online services, as well as faster ways to move content.

Atomos AirGlu wireless sync technology has been integrated into Atomos Connect and Shogun Connect and is an essential ingredient of the Capture to Cloud workflow. AirGlu locks multiple Atomos devices or compatible cameras, audio recorders, and software applications together so that they share the same frame-accurate timecode. AirGlu greatly simplifies the nature of multi-camera production and transforms what has hitherto been a complex workflow into one that can be easily deployed by filmmakers at any level.

Atomos Stream is designed to make sharing live video to popular online platforms easy and accessible to anyone. It’s an all-in-one solution that enables any Atomos network-enabled device, including Zato Connect, any Ninja V or Ninja V+ fitted with an Atomos Connect module, or the all-in-one Shogun Connect, to stream to Facebook Live, Twitch, YouTube, and custom RTMP/S destinations.

Atomos’ pedigree in monitor-recorders – the company invented the category – means that these devices already support an extensive range of cameras. Customers can choose to work with high-end digital cinema cameras or mirrorless, DLSR, even USB cameras. Atomos Stream makes the process of configuring the stream straightforward and secure using the ACS web interface. Zato Connect has additional streaming capabilities, such as Picture in Picture, audio mixing, graphics overlay, webcam input/output and, most importantly, it obviates the need to include a laptop or computer.

* Live Production currently in BETA.


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