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Assimilate announces the release of Live Assist 9.5

Aug 24, 2022

Assimilate has now released Live Assist 9.5. New features and fixes have been added – all based on feedback throughout the last year.

In a nutshell, here’s what’s new:

  • Redesigned Clip & Grade list view incl. search and filter options
  • New multi-cam view to see all cameras at once
  • Updated Framing menu with flip-flop options
  • Enhanced 3-layer composite with new Comp A & Comp B menus
  • Full support for ACES (cc/cct) workflows
  • Support for Notch LC playback
  • Improved video-io: You can now set colour matrix & levels per channel
  • Support for multiple in- and out-points during a recording

Live Assist runs on macOS and Windows and allows you to work with any resolution and any number of cameras.

There are 3 new tutorials to get you started immediately with Live Assist. Yes, 3 short videos is all it takes to get you going.
Check them out below.

Assimilate is also running a limited time offer until end of IBC on September 12th, which allows you to get Live Assist at 10% off – click here for more details

This video gives a quick tour through the UI and shows how to setup the video-io, channels and how to perform simple record & playback tasks in Live Assist

This video tutorial will show you how to overlay a logo or watermark on any camera connected. In the second half, we’ll go over how replace the background on a green screen shoot, using Live Assist.

This video shows you how to create a 3-layer-comp, using a live green screen SDI feed with one background and another green screen plate.​

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