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Assimilate announces new DIT Pack+ with integrated Hedge backup software

Aug 5, 2021

DITs Score Again In Productivity With Tightly Integrated Bundle for Live Grading, Dailies And Offload-Backup Software

Assimilate has announced immediate availability of its new DIT Pack+, a bundle of three tightly integrated applications that greatly simplifies the DIT’s day-to-day operations with the most efficient and streamlined workflow to date. The bundle includes Assimilate’s Live Looks for live grading, industry leading Hedge for camera-media offload and back-up, and Assimilate’s Scratch, the essential tool for dailies transcoding and reporting, all running on macOS and Windows.  

The workflow starts with Live Looks for live grading content from any number of cameras in real time and even adding advanced effects like green-screen background replacement and texture effects, which can be carried over to dailies transcoding later on in Scratch. Each time when saving a grade, all the metadata, either input by the user or delivered via the live SDI signal from all cameras, is saved in the form of a readable text doc and an XML that is suited for further pipeline scripting in VFX/post. All grades and metadata are stored in an easy-to-approach folder structure that can simply be delivered to VFX/post. 

Hedge is built for speed and peace of mind. After a secure backup of camera media with Hedge, the media automatically shows up in Scratch with all the footage in it, including checksum data from the offload. The user can then proceed with automated look matching as Scratch has full access to the look library and all metadata created in Live Looks during live grading. Audio-sync and QC can be done in a fast-to-operate UI with extensive PDF reports and metadata-rich dailies exports at the end of the chain. 

Paul Matthijs Lombert, CEO at Hedge, stated, “When the Assimilate team reached out to us about an integration, it was a no-brainer. With Hedge as the starting point for many productions, it now elegantly hands off the media and metadata to dailies transcoding, greatly simplifying the process for those that use the tools day to day.“

“With DIT Pack+ we are providing the best, most efficient workflow from camera to post,” said Jeff Edson, CEO at Assimilate. “The demands in productions continue to grow, putting more and more work and responsibility on the DIT. Delivering the best-of-breed solution that optimizes the workflow and efficiency for the highest levels of productivity is what DIT Pack+ is all about.”

Pricing and Availability

Available immediately, DIT Pack+ starts at $149.00 (USD) monthly and $899.00 (USD) annually, with a permanent license priced at $1499 (USD). Download at 

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