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ASPEC releases third party equipment and/or facility rental statement

Mar 5, 2021

From 1st March 2021, the ASPEC member companies will be requesting that lists received from production for equipment and/or facilities to formally quote against must exclude any third party supplied items which are unlikely to form part of our intended supply.

For the avoidance of any doubt, lists should exclude any technicians’ owned equipment, pre-rigged studio lighting, equipment owned by the production and the like.

The ASPEC member companies feel that they need to implement this policy, to ensure any production requesting a quotation, receives one which was genuinely accurate and reflective of what the member companies would be expected to supply from the time the request was made.

It is therefore hoped that this would save a great deal of time and effort on behalf of both the supply and the commissioning production company.

ASPEC. member companies are, as follows: –
Aardman Features Ltd, Alpha Grip, ARRI Rental, Brownian Motion, Camera Revolution, Cirro Lite (Europe) Ltd, Island Studios, Canning 24, Movietech, NBCUniversal, Outback Rigging, Panalux, Panavision, Pinewood MBS Lighting, Pixipixel, PKE Lighting, Procam Take2 Ltd., Provision, Shoot Blue, Version 2, VMI.

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