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ARRI ships Orbiter LED point source worldwide

Dec 11, 2020

ARRI is now shipping its new Orbiter ultra-bright LED point source fixture to customers worldwide. Manufactured at ARRI’s lighting factory in Stephanskirchen, Germany, the company says the tunable, directional LED fixture, is the most technologically-advanced luminaire it has ever produced for image capture and colour fidelity.

All systems in Orbiter are brand new and have been designed with versatility in mind. Orbiter’s six-colour light engine delivers a wide-colour gamut and high-level of colour rendition across all colour temperatures along with smooth dimming from 100 to 0%.

With its changeable optics, Orbiter can transform into many different types of lampheads including projection (profile), open face, and soft light. Additional features, such as a fast processor, ample memory, expanded connectivity, a built-in array of sensors, and weatherproof housing, make Orbiter a formidable lamphead, offering a large range of possibilities for updates, configurations, and enhancements.

ARRI Orbiter

Changeable optics are a core innovation in Orbiter. With a wide variety of optics to choose from, Orbiter can be transformed into the perfect light for the user’s application without sacrificing beam, output or colour quality. The Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) in Orbiter allows for optics with vastly different properties to be attached to the fixture. The high-output, directional beam of the open face optic can throw light over long distances. The high-precision of the projection optics creates a perfect circle of light that can be shaped with cutters, focus and gobos. The dome optic provides omni-directional softlight for illuminating large spaces, and a universal QLM adapter creates a direct mounting point for Orbiter-specific Chimera and DoPchoice products.

Orbiter’s output is similar to that of corresponding HMI systems. Its new high output, yet tunable, ARRI Spectra light engine can create hard shadows with defined edges. Including red, green, blue, amber, cyan, and lime LEDs, the ARRI Spectra six-colour light engine translates into a wider colour gamut, with more accurate colours, and higher colour rendition across the entire CCT range. Skin tones look natural, and hues are precisely reproduced.

Orbiter has a large CCT range of 2,000 to 20,000K with ultra-high colour rendition across all colour temperatures. Using a combination of three dimming techniques, Orbiter’s cutting-edge electronics provide smooth dimming down to zero without colour changes or jumps.

ARRI Orbiter

Orbiter takes advantage of more than five years of software development for the SkyPanel. Its new software called LiOS (Lighting Operating System) includes all the features of the SkyPanel plus others, making Orbiter one of the most fully-featured luminaires on the market.

LiOS’s eight-colour modes include CCT, HSI, individual colour, x/y coordinates, gel and source matching, lighting effects, and the new colour sensor mode that measures ambient light and recreates it through Orbiter’s output. Other new features in LiOS include simplified DMX modes, performance- enhancing operational modes, over 240 slots for favourites to be stored, optics recognition, multi-language support, and a custom boot screen.


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