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ARRI Lighting strengthens product management with Markus Klüsener and Dan Reed

Feb 18, 2021

Markus Klüsener is on board to inspire the next generation of ARRI LED fixtures
Dan Reed’s efforts target and incorporate emerging technology trends into ARRI’s lighting portfolio
New recruits focus on technical development and customer needs

ARRI Lighting is pleased to welcome two new team members. Effective immediately, Markus Klüsener as senior product manager lighting and Dan Reed as product manager lighting products, network, and software control strengthen ARRI’s business unit specialising in lighting systems. Together with Florian Bloch, head of product management, Markus Klüsener and Dan Reed will work closely with the team in Germany to further develop light sources and technology, coordinate beta testing, conduct market research, and integrate customer needs into products and solutions.

Markus Klüsener looks back on many years of expertise with LED luminaires. After his first steps into the business as a lighting technician, he graduated as a certified event technician and certified master in event technology with a focus on lighting. Gaining more application knowledge as a freelance lighting technician, programmer, and lighting director on various national and international projects, Markus Klüsener also worked as technical trainer for Martin Professional in Germany. He started his career as a product application specialist at Martin in 2009. Transferring to the Martin by Harman headquarters in Denmark and taking on the role as responsible product manager for the stage lighting portfolio since 2014, Markus Klüsener managed the company’s most important and innovative LED products with his passion and skill.

Markus Klüsener, senior product manager lighting

Dan Reed brings over twenty years of design experience and perspective to ARRI Lighting. After earning his Bachelor of Arts degree from the California State Polytechnic University in Pomona (Cal Poly), he began his career with Vari*Lite Production Services in Los Angeles before joining Full Flood Inc. as an associate lighting designer for multi-camera live broadcasts, award shows, and special events. Dan Reed has worked extensively in the international market as a lighting director and programmer for the themed entertainment industry, having most recently overseen the installation of a new park-wide lighting control system for Global Village Carnaval in Dubai. His most recent broadcast designs include First Responders Live for Fox and the studio grid system for Fullscreen Studios in Playa Vista, CA.

Dan Reed, product manager lighting products, network, and software control

As senior product manager lighting, based in Denmark and the lighting office in Stephanskirchen, Germany, Markus Klüsener will be defining the next generation of ARRI LED fixtures—including hardware, software, and accessories.

As product manager lighting products, network, and software control, Dan Reed will further incorporate emerging technology trends, such as virtual reality and virtual cinematography, into ARRI’s portfolio. He is located at ARRI Inc, in Burbank, CA.

Markus Klüsener and Dan Reed will serve an integral role in the planning, development, introduction, and life cycle management of new ARRI Lighting products. Their efforts will focus not only on the technical aspects and features but also on actively supporting customers with creativity and more efficient workflows.

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