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ARRI introduces the new Orbiter Beam optic with optimal brightness for long-throw applications

Feb 13, 2024

ARRI announces the launch of the Orbiter Beam, further expanding the accessory range for the LED spot light. This is the very first beam optic in the ARRI LED lighting portfolio. A new optical concept was developed especially for this reflector. The Orbiter Beam’s intensity level has a comparable output to the ARRI Daylight M-Series M18 within a tighter beam angle. For the first time, these high intensity values can be achieved with a high-quality full-colour spectrum LED source making the Orbiter Beam the brightest full-colour LED spot light on the market. This parallel beam light is perfectly suiting cinematic applications—either for long throw distances or indirectly bounced.

This new Orbiter optic provides a defined and strong 4° parallel light beam with homogenous light. The Orbiter Beam optic is an ideal option for creating the illusion of distant natural lights. The unique and authentic look of this optic in combination with the versatile Orbiter fixture makes it a go-to choice for filmmakers when simulating the natural light of the sun or moon in film projects.

The Orbiter Beam features a large aperture in a compact (approx. 573 mm x 548 mm x 548 mm / 22.6 in x 21.6 in x 21.6 in) and lightweight (5,9 kg / 13 lbs.) housing. The reflector’s diameter of 530 mm (20.9 in) is similar in size to the M90 luminaire. The two elements of the optic, the reflector and snoot, can be easily separated and stacked for convenient storage and transport. The Orbiter Beam comprises a unique manual hot-spot adjustment allowing variation from hard to soft edge light. The beam is a great addition to the already existing Orbiter Open Face optics 15°, 30°, and 60°. No additional accessories for the Orbiter Beam optic such as barndoors or snoots are required as the light beam produced is already nicely focused.

Orbiter’s unique Quick Lighting Mount (QLM) system allows the Orbiter Beam to be mounted safely and quickly. Any Orbiter running the firmware LiOS2 or later is prepared to operate the Orbiter Beam.

The Orbiter Beam is available in black and can already be preordered.

To learn more about the new Orbiter Beam, please visit:

Please visit to learn more about Orbiter or visit to find out more about its various accessories.

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