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April 28th is Safety at Work Day

Apr 25, 2024

With this week’s reports of yet another serious accident on set, this time on Eddie Murphy film The Pickup, a recent survey by The Mark Milsome Foundation of UK crew, shows that over 75% feel their safety or that of a colleague has been compromised at work.

April 28th is World Day for Safety and Health at Work – it provides a moment to reflect that whilst the film and TV industry has experienced remarkable growth in recent years it is failing to meet essential safety standards. Outdated health and safety regulations persist, alongside prevalent issues such as excessive working hours. The recent survey highlighted widespread concerns among UK Film and TV crew regarding safety standards. Many crew revealed that they lack basic safety training, that numerous departments operate without established protocols, and the pressure to meet production demands often sidelines safety considerations, with freelancers fearing repercussions for raising concerns.

Sam Wainstein (MMF chair)

Sam Wainstein (MMF chair) says:

“It’s been 50 years since the health & safety act was created, yet it’s still unsafe to work in the film & TV industry. It’s high time the health and safety act was reviewed and updated. The safety and well-being of all crew ought to be prioritised to ensure that every individual can return home safely at the end of the day. We demand that productions provide our ScreenSkills Production Safety Passport course for their crew thereby ensuring their safety.”

Making Sets Safe

The Mark Milsome Foundation is focused on improving health and safety for all crew, production and cast members, and creating awareness of the need for accountability.

No one working in film and television should ever be injured or killed whilst working on a production. Health & Safety training for everyone in the industry should be mandatory.

The Mark Milsome Foundation Film & TV Online Safety Passport course provides a ScreenSkills recognised, Level 2 Production Safety Passport valid for 5 years.


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