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Air Climber, Cross Dovetail Plate & LB2 Location Baby Bracket at Cine Gear Expo booth #B119

Jun 10, 2022

Matthews Studio Equipment returns to Cine Gear Expo to introduce new mounting solutions to aid common on-set grip issues—Air Climber, Cross Dovetail and LB2 Location Baby Bracket.

The Air Climber pneumatically controlled, modular grip and lighting stand safely raises lights or camera rigs 25 feet/7.62 meters. Its unique design features a large levelling platform with four telescoping legs and four heavy-duty jacks that keep it level and support a telescoping column.

Featuring eight-sections, the column employs seven locking collars each with tension controls and a frictional locking system. A turn of the handgrip engages a metal band that braces each riser section to safely tighten and lock a riser tube fully-extended or in intermediate positions for precision accuracy when raising and lowering. A pan ring allows 360-degrees of column rotation without the need to completely lower the system—a valuable time-saver. At the bottom of the column, a rotating base provides a Lock and Pan Wheel to ease positioning of fixtures up to 200 pounds. Four ultra-rugged tires with brakes and security struts assure safe, smooth movement and rock-solid lock down. At the end of the job the telescoping column can be easily removed from the dolly with a single wrench or can be left built and ready to transport in the back of the truck.

Matthews’ new patent-pending Cross Dovetail Plate offers camera professionals greater orientation versatility when mounting a camera to a fluid or gear head. It’s also an easy solution for prime and zoom lenses where minimal balancing is required. A quick addition to existing camera supports, the 2-layer swiveling plate design provides both traditional camera mounting as well as additional 90-degree and 45- degree angles. Each rotating Plate has a different finish for easy identification and features a spring- loaded post and stationary stop to prevent the bridge plate or sled from sliding off. Other safety features include a special angle lock design and an internal positioning safety spring. Plus, its twenty 3/8”-16 and 1/4”-20 threaded holes on the plate bottom feature Heli-coil wire inserts for secure connection. Built for versatility, the Cross Dovetail Plate is compatible with the Q/R of most major brand fluid heads and tripods or other support.

The new LB2TM Location Baby Bracket is another one of those, how-did-I-live-without-it mounting time- savers that makes life easier even in tight spaces. It was conceived by Canadian cinematographer Peter Warren CSC, who came up with a solution to a common problem: how to attach and hide from the camera’s view—lights, and support gear in an environment with exposed beams or columns. When traditional mounting options didn’t do the trick, Warren thought out of the box and came up with a solution that makes use of the different columns he encountered. He came to Matthews with a simple design crafted from a block of wood. It was a great concept that just needed finessing from a team like MSE’s who have been devising ways to hold and connect gear for 50 years. Today Matthews introduces this well-thought-out essential. It now features a stamped metal base with three holes along each side to attach via nails or magnets if needed. The raised centre includes a pair of strap cut outs on each side, as well as a knurled baby pin that’s finished in black zinc and welded in place. Additionally the LB2 features hard rubber pads to provide extra gripping power and prevent the plate from damaging walls or columns.

Now, when faced with round poles, square posts, beams, or other unusual mounting surfaces, the crew can simply thread straps through both sides of the Location Baby Bracket and securely wrap and fasten them around it. The only contact with the structure is hard rubber grip pads on each side. The integral baby pin is ready to accept most standard hardware. Mission accomplished.

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