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Watch: Advanced moco training from Mark Roberts Motion Company

Mar 8, 2023

Just over a week ago, moco operators from across the globe, hailing from countries such as Singapore, South Korea, Australia, France, the United States, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Austria, Canada, Mexico, Columbia, and Malaysia, convened in New York for the first-ever Advanced Motion Control Training Summit. This event offered a rare chance for attendees to network with like-minded industry professionals, exchange experiences, and learn from some of the field’s most distinguished experts.

With over 80 people in attendance, the summit featured a star-studded lineup of guest speakers, including Flair creator Simon Wakley, renowned visual engineer Steve Giralt, moco expert Julian Hermanssen, MRMC CEO Assaff Rawner, and the talented duo Justin and Colin from Rite Media. These experts shared their experiences and knowledge of working in the motion control industry. Attendees were treated to live demonstrations and insightful talks covering a range of topics including Advanced Operating Techniques, Flair, Pre-Vis, Tabletop/Triggering/SFX Rigging, and Virtual Production. The event provided a platform for moco operators to expand their skills and knowledge, enabling them to take their work to new heights.

The show was a resounding success, with attendees praising the gathering for its informative and engaging presentations. The motion control industry is constantly evolving, and events like this play a vital role in ensuring that professionals stay up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology. We look forward to the next Advanced Motion Control Training Summit and the opportunities it will bring for moco operators to learn, connect, and grow.

Watch the video highlights below.

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