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Academy Gold Rising adds Filmmakers Academy to Internship Enhancement Program for Summer 2022

Jun 16, 2022

Film school student Montell Bryant selected to intern with Filmmakers Academy this summer

Los Angeles – The Academy of Motion Pictures Arts and Sciences announced today the addition of Filmmakers Academy as an official partner for its 2022 Academy Gold Rising internship enhancement and mentorship program.

Academy Gold Rising provides access and resources to creative individuals and college students from underrepresented communities. Gold Rising is launching its sixth year offering networking opportunities with Academy members and industry professionals, a variety of panel discussions on every aspect of filmmaking, and career preparation sessions to aspiring professionals at 27 partner organisations. More information can be found at:

Filmmakers Academy is proud to announce the selection of its first Academy Gold Rising intern: Montell Bryant, a student at The Los Angeles Film School. He begins work next week.

Bryant is a passionate filmmaker from Macon, GA. He grew up watching and loving movies like Halloween, the Harry Potter series and American Pie. He got started in film, shooting music videos for his musician friends in high school using his iPhone 6s, editing on iMovie. After high school, Bryant decided to pursue a career in film. He bravely packed up his bags and moved to Los Angeles, where he now attends The Los Angeles Film School. He hopes to hone his craft during his internship with Filmmakers Academy and to make a career out of his lifelong passion.

He says, “I am excited to work with the Filmmakers Academy and learn everything that I possibly can about editing, workflow and technique from seasoned professionals. I’m also excited to make connections with the filmmakers employed there.”

Filmmakers Academy CEO Lydia Hurlbut says, “We are honoured to partner with the Academy Gold Rising program to support the next generation of filmmakers. We’re committed to building and supporting an inclusive, diverse community of professionals, and we’re thrilled to be working with Montell Bryant this summer. He stands out as a young filmmaker who takes risks and has a genuine hunger and passion for filmmaking.”

About Filmmakers Academy
Filmmakers Academy is a versatile, premium online filmmaking platform that unlocks a whole new realm of educational possibilities for creatives. Filmmakers Academy offers expert tips on techniques, tools and mentorship.The learning community offers more than 900 hours of courses and other resources, providing a unique and personalisable educational experience for both professionals and aspiring visual creatives. Learn more at

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