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Aaton-Digital integrates Sony DWR-S03D wireless receiver to its Cantar mixer-recorders

Feb 1, 2021

Aaton-Digital, designer and manufacturer of digital audio recorders for the movie and broadcast industries, and for music recording, working in collaboration with Sony, Japan, has announced the integration of the Sony DWR-S03D wireless receiver to its Cantar mixer-recorders CantarX-3 and CantarMini.

The system is hosted in the Aaton-Digital Hydra, wireless manager. Hydra is able to remote the transmitter associated to the DWR-SO3D creating unique ergonomics and ease of use for the sound engineer.

The Hydra interface window on a Cantar showing the remote settings of the SONY DWR-S03

This combined integration is free of charge to users of these devices.

President of Aaton-Digital and Transvideo Jacques Delacoux said “I am delighted to announce this collaboration with Sony, bringing mutual benefits to our many users worldwide.”

The Aaton-Digital CantarX-3 and CantarMini award-winning digital sound mixer-recorders have celebrated worldwide success as the recorders of choice for many of the top production sound mixers in the movie industry, and have been used by them to record sound for many feature films including Oscar and BAFTA award winners.


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