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Chapman/Leonard introduces V Series dollies

Jun 14, 2021

New Product from Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc

Chapman/Leonard has announced immediate availability of its V Series Hustler and Hybrid dollies. This latest design enhances production with its long-lasting battery system that gives up to eight hours of continuous use on a single charge. Other features include a USB outlet for accessibility for charging of mobile devices such as cell phones and monitors mounted on the dolly. The V series dollies have a stronger payload capacity on the arm, allowing more options for the grip when it comes to mounting smaller crane arms. The V series dolly is revolutionary, bringing more mobility and efficiency on set while maintaining Chapman/Leonard’s reputation of highest quality products in the industry. 

Positive Customer Impact 

Several customers have benefited from using the V Series on their production. Recently, Joe Cassano, dolly grip on Walking Dead Monuments, commented, “The lithium battery is great, and I love to not be dependent on electricians for dolly bumps. Definitely a great feature!” Eric Zucker, a dolly grip, raves, “The Hybrid V is the best dolly I have ever pushed. It makes me look good with operators and directors of photography, and even directors and producers. It is so versatile with independent wheels that can move around for getting in tight spots to stability. Its battery saves my butt on long takes and gives me unlimited monitor power. The heavy-duty arm is a game changer.” 

The V Series Availability 

The V Series dollies received its updated design through customer feedback and Chapman/Leonard’s commitment to delivering the latest product updates in one convenient installation. 

Founded in 1945, Chapman/Leonard Studio Equipment, Inc. is the worldwide leader in camera support needs. The company offers a wide range of products and services designed to help the director, director of photography and key grip get the shot they need; safely and efficiently.

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