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A collaboration with Panavision: Pedro Luque SCU

Apr 2, 2024

The cinematographer reflects on his creative process and shares the most inspiring advice he’s received.

Cinematographer Pedro Luque, SCU’s credits include the features Body Cam, Antebellum and director J.A. Bayona’s Best International Feature Oscar-nominated Society Of The Snow. The latter movie was serviced by Panavision Paris with an equipment package that included T Series and Panaspeed lenses and Alexa LF and Mini LF cameras. Luque recently sat down with Panavision to discuss how he approaches the projects he works on, from reading the script to studying visual references and, perhaps most importantly, listening to the director and understanding the vision they have in their mind’s eye. “When I’m working,” he shares, “I get into some kind of zone. It’s like meditating in a way.”

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